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Massage - Strengthens the immune system

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Here's a fact: Any activity that enhances our good mood, which brings relaxation and well-being, strengthens the immune system. And that's simple: Good massage sessions that cause this peaceful feeling release the hormones responsible for pleasure and relaxation.

The aforementioned serotonin, dopamine, and also oxytocin, more in sessions just for relaxation, not only make you lighter and more peaceful, but also offer that spontaneous good mood that everyone needs to maintain the day to day. And the balanced levels of these hormones prevent the body from milder diseases, But there's no point in having a massage session and winding up with anything later, right? Performing other activities to reinforce this aspect is essential. This ranges from a good physical activity, a sauna session, or even a laugh, as long as spontaneous as well. The secret here is to turn massage into a complement.